New Devotion Book

New Devotion Book

Doug Stewart on 17th Jun 2020

God has always been passionate about missions because He has always been passionate about His glory being displayed around the world. This resource will encourage your students and adults to meditat … read more

Embark Covers

Doug Stewart on 12th Nov 2018

We are pleased to share with you the front cover of the Colossians book coming out in January 2019. Colossians: Jesus Christ is Supreme, will be the first book in our new Embark Bible study series … read more

Embark Production

Doug Stewart on 9th Nov 2018

Each book is written by one of the pastors at Lifeway Baptist Church.  From the beginning, it was our goal to grow as pastors as we individually spent time with Christ in His Word. Thes … read more


Doug Stewart on 3rd Nov 2018

We are planning to have Colossians, the first Embark study, ready in January 2019.  Until then, we will be updating information regularly.  Questions about pricing and samples will be availa … read more

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