Core Values

It is our desire to exalt Christ by providing material that helps students know and pursue Christ above everything else in their daily lives.  Because of this, we have established nine core values by which we are determined to shape Glow Publications.

We look for and create material built around these values. We believe that students will either learn proper or improper exegesis through the material they have.

Therefore, it is our goal to be guided by and committed to the following:

1. Hermeneutic Diligence

Because Scripture is the foundation of our material, it is imperative that all interpretation of Scripture is born out of a proper hermeneutic. Failure in this area leads to a poor, if not totally wrong, understanding and application.

2. Exegetical Foundations

Simply stated, we want our content to come from Scripture. We, or any writers for Glow Publications, have nothing authoritative to say apart from communicating God's authoritative and invaluable Word.

While exegesis is desired by all conservative theologians, it is not always actually practiced. The only alternative to exegesis is eisegesis, which at best, strips the divine authority and power out of the Word of God and poses fallible man's opinion as authoritative.    

3. Articulate Writing

Much of what we publish has word limitations. Because of this, unstated faulty implications, or even false doctrine, can be communicated. Error and misunderstanding can come from poor hermeneutics and/or eisegesis, but error and misunderstanding can also come from poor articulation.

4. Gospel-Centeredness

While man is naturally prone to center his thoughts and heart around self, Scripture calls us to shape our minds and hearts around God and what has been accomplished in our place through Christ. With this in mind, we are committed to material that is faithful to the redemptive story of the Bible.

5. Doctrinal Clarity and Boldness

We are all living in an age and culture of doctrinal confusion.  Our understanding of who God is and who we are is in dire need of explanation and biblical authority.

6. Ministry Partnership

It is of no value to publish life-changing material if it is inaccessible to people for any reason. We desire to partner with you in ministry so that we can get you what you need quickly and affordably.

7. Exalting Christ

We have no desire to lift up any perspective, position, tradition, ministry, or man except the God-man, Jesus Christ. All of the previous things are important but only in relationship to Christ as our all-sufficient, all-powerful Lord and Savior. Christ will be seen as preeminent in all of our content.

8. Dependence on the Holy Spirit

Scripture clearly gives imperatives, but these imperatives cannot be accomplished by man's strength. From regeneration through sanctification, we are dependent on the effectual work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. This does not negate scriptural imperatives or our human responsibility to respond to God in faith. In fact, it intensifies the responsibility and enables us to purposefully and volitionally respond to God in obedience in all areas of life.

We believe there is a difference between piety and Christianity - religion and relationship with Christ. Piety and religion forms people. Christ transforms people. Because we publish material focused on explaining and applying Scripture, we must not call students to simply act in a moral way, but rather to act in light of what God is accomplishing in and through them (Philippians 2:13). One brings glory to man. The other brings glory to God alone.

9. Motivate by Grace

Our response to God (faith, demonstrated in obedience) is always preceded by revelation (grace). Guilt is a consequence of rebelling against a holy God Who made us for His glory. While guilt can motivate someone to externally comply, only grace can motivate someone to act in faith. World religions are built on guilt. Christianity is uniquely built on magnificent and unmerited grace.


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