New Year Sale

New Year Sale

Doug Stewart on 5th Jan 2022

The new year is a great time to encourage Bible reading and study!

Do you think young adults need to be grounded in Scripture in 2022? The need for Christians to know their God is great. Though Bible study can be intimidating, it is a journey and skill we must learn. Nominal Christianity and apathy must be put away. 

The Embark series is written as if the author is walking through Bible study with the reader. The Bible is the focus and you're not left alone! The goal is to help the reader embark on a journey of knowing, loving, and serving God in a greater way by looking at whole books of the Bible (not just comfortable parts). Also, this series is designed to model proper hermeneutics (the proper rules for interpreting Scripture) and Bible study so that the reader can learn to let God speak for Himself. 

Embark study books can be used for:

1) Personal Devotions or Study

2) Group Studies (Sunday School, Youth Group, etc.)

3) Family Devotions

The sale includes the individual Bible study books AND the Answer Guide for leaders or parents who want to make God's Word central in their lives this year.

Journeys are exciting, and we pray that you are excited to embark on the spiritual journey of seeing the greatness of God through the study of His Word.

For International Orders

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