PDF: Glow Jr. Leader's Guide, A Children's Church Curriculum: September-December 2020


An exciting resource for any kids' ministry! 

Each Glow Jr. Leader's Guide now corresponds with two issues of the Glow Jr. devotional, for a complete FOUR MONTHS of lessons. It uses the KJV only as its foundational source.  Filled with educational stories of Baptist history, it takes you on exciting missionary journeys.  There are skits and games for each week's lesson that make learning fun. The Leader's Guide is an invaluable tool for any Children's Ministry Worker or Junior Church program.

The themes for the September-October lessons focus on Lessons from Siblings in the Bible. The themes are: Watchful (Cain and Abel), Diligence (Noah's Sons), Patience (Ishmael and Isaac), Sharing (Jacob and Esau), Nice Words (Leah and Rachel), Brotherly Love (Joseph and his brothers), Useful (Moses and Aaron), and Sympathetic (Mary, Martha and Lazarus). 

The themes for November focus on The Church. They are: The Local Church, God's Day, God's House, Bible Study, and Singing.

The themes for December focus on Names of Jesus. They are: Anticipation (Messiah), God's Presence (Emmanuel), Salvation (Saviour), and Peace (Prince of Peace).


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