Glow Jr. Leader's Guide: A Children's Church Curriculum: May-August 2024


Each Glow Jr. Leader's Guide corresponds with two issues of the Glow Jr. devotional, for a complete FOUR MONTHS of lessons. Filled with educational stories of Baptist history, it also takes you on exciting missionary journeys.  There are skits and games for each week's lesson that make learning fun. The Leader's Guide is an invaluable tool for any Children's Ministry Worker or Junior Church program.

The themes for May-June are based on lessons learned from animals in the Bible. The themes are:

Endurance - Eagle
Boldness - Lion
Security - Sparrow
Self-Denial - Ravens
Yearning - Hart
Restoration - Sheep
Prepared - Ants
Materialism - Camel
Hard-Working - Ox

The themes for July-August are lessons about BAPTISTS distinctives using the letters in the word BAPTISTS. They are:

B - Biblical Authority
A - Autonomy of the Local Church
P - Priesthood of the Believer
T - Two Ordinance
I - Individual Soul Liberty
S - Separation of Church and State
T - Two Offices
S - Saved Church Membership


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