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Frequently Asked Questions about Embark

Who is this series for?

We are recommending this series to "young adults" for personal Bible study. This does not mean that younger teens, or older adults would not benefit from this series.  We have spent much time designing this series so that younger readers will not get confused, and older readers will be captivated.

What setting was Embark created for?

Originally, we designed this series for personal Bible study.  However, we are recognizing that group study is a blessing!  This material is written to be flexible.  Younger students are able to do this study in a group setting where there is accountability and help with questions.

How could this study be done?

This is totally up to you.  We are created these books to contain roughly 25-35 separate studies.  You can call these "lessons," "studies," "days" or whatever fits your context.  You can do one per day in a personal study.  Or we have found that 3 a week work very well in a group study.  This allows for an hour of group study with 20 minutes dedicated to discussing each of the 3 "days."

How much will these books cost?

We want people in God's word and so we want to keep the cost effective.  The following chart shows how these can be purchased.


When will this resource be available for purchase?

We are on schedule to have Colossians printed and ready for shipping by the end of January.  Early January, we will announce a release date, as well as the dates to pre-order and save an additional 10% on you your Colossians order.

Amos should be available by May 2019.

We are currently developing Jonah and Philemon.  

How were these studies made?

Each book is written by one of the pastors at Lifeway Baptist Church.  It was our goal from the very beginning to grow as pastors as we individually spent time with Christ in His Word.  These year long personal studies culminated in a rough draft of material that was then refined by the pastoral staff.  

The next step was the local church.  We had no desire to create material just for the sake of it.  With a good draft in hand, we put together a study group that consisted of teens, adults, men, women, experienced teachers, and inexperienced teachers.  This group met for 13 weeks to study and review the material, and what a blessing it was.  Not only did the group grow in Christ, the material was sharpened to be very clear and powerful.  Our first study had 12 members.  Our second study had 24.

We are currently in the process of formatting the content into the Embark template.  After this is completed, the material will pass through three more rigorous editing phases.  It is our desire to produce material that exalts Christ, clearly exposes the infinite truth of God as revealed in Scripture, and is a quality product.  Finally the books will be sent to print!  

It is our belief that the Embark books are exegetically solid, clear to follow, and helpful for anyone who genuinely wants to study Scripture.  God's Word is authoritative and it is to be read, understood, and applied by Christians.  Any believer, depending on the teaching and illuminating ministry of the Holy Spirit will benefit from walking systematically through God's Word!

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